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Mpox (Monkeypox) Vaccine Available at BSFHC

Vaccination is free and available regardless of immigration status.

Eligible Groups:

  • People of any sexual orientation or gender identity who have or may have multiple or anonymous sex partners, or participate or may participate in group sex
  • People of any sexual orientation or gender identity whose sex partners are eligible per the criteria above
  • People who know or suspect they have been exposed to mpox in the last 14 days
  • Anyone else who considers themselves to be at risk for mpox through sex or other intimate contact

Appointments can be scheduled by emailing

Covid-19 Vaccine: Moderna

General Information and Prevention

Common symptoms of COVID-19 and its prevention in a short video

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We are prioritizing our care and adapting our delivery methods in an effort to maintain the safety of both our valued clients and dedicated healthcare personnel.

Common symptoms of coronavirus
  • Headache, Fever, Dizziness, Sore Throat and Cough, Runny Nose, Difficulty Breathing
Steps to stay safe
  • Please notify staff upon entering the building (from front door only) if you are exhibiting signs and symptoms of infection of COVID-19 virus. Signs and symptoms include: fever, cough, shortness of breath.
  • You may take a SELF SCREENING TEST by going to CDC Website: Online Coronavirus Self-Checker
  • If you suspect you are affected with COVID19, the first step you should take is to contact your doctor before arriving at a healthcare center.
  • In some cases, you can be seen at home as well. For more information on our telehealth services please call, (718) 646-4500.

Steps that will keep you and all New Yorkers safe

  • Cover your cough with your arm
  • Wash your hands for twenty seconds (use soap and water)
  • Use hand sanitizer when available
  • Use a napkin or paper tower to open doors or hold on to public surfaces
  • When greeting others use the “fist bump”
  • There is still time to walk in for a Flu Shot in the Adult Medicine Department
  • Protect yourself from Influenza another type of respiratory illness which can be deadly